National Library of Belarus, October 2020. Photo: O. Shutova

About intellectual landscape of Francysk Skaryna’s «Bible Rus’»: Belarus, the history of ideas and the Round Table «Francysk Skaryna’s studies in France

The National Library of Belarus has become, despite all the skeptics, one of the main tourist attractions of Minsk. The

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Commemorative plaque of Francysk Skaryna in the National Library of the Czech Republic. (Author: Ales Dranets, 1996). The Clementinum, Prague. 18/08/2020. Photo by I. Lemeshkin

The Laboratory of Francysk Skaryna Studies: Solidarity With the Belarusian People. Commemorative plaque of Francysk Skaryna. The Clementinum, Prague

Flowers as a sign of the solidarity with the Belarusian people striving to stop the state violence and to have

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Left: Francysk Skaryna's portrait. Kniga premudrosti Iisusa, syna Sirahova [Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach]. Prague: Francysk Skaryna, 1517. P. 82r. Right: Salomon, fragment. Calendarium. Venetia: Nicolo de Balager (Nicolaus dictus Castilia), 1488; Quot. here is 1511 edition, from Horologio della sapientia et meditationi sopra la passione delnostro signore Iesu Christo vulgare (Venetia: S. da Lovere, 1511)

Olga Shutova. Francysk Skaryna’s Bible and Italie: sources, influences and inspirations

Published in: Berkovskie chteniya. Berkov Readings: Book culture in the context of international contacts. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference.

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