Sergey Temchin. Calvary cross over the Old Testament tabernacle in the engraving portrait of Francysk Skaryna

Published: Lietuvos Didžiosios Kunigaikštystės kalbos, kultūros ir raštijos tradicijos. Temčinas S. et al. (red.). Vilnius, 2009 (Bibliotheca Archivi Lithuanici, vol.

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1517b version: the fly with 5 legs. Библиотека Академии Наук, НИОРК, 994 СП

Ilya Lemeshkin. The (un)expected guest on F. Skórin’s portraits

Published in: Berkovskie chteniya. Berkov Readings: Book culture in the context of international contacts. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference.

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Padua. Frontispiece inside the front cover. Bernardini Scardeoni, canonici Patavini, De antiquitate vrbis Patavii, & claris ciuibus Patauinis, libri tres, in quindecim classes distincti. Eivsdem appendix De sepvlchris insignibvs exterorvm Patavii iacentivm. Basileae: Nicolaum Episcopium Iuniorem, 1560. Libri III.

Olga Shutova. Again about Skaryna in Padua: New possibilities of reading the old documents. Time, context, circumstances and attendees

Published in English and Belarusian in Belarusian Review – Winter 2014, vol. 26, No. 4. P. 17-23; Spring 2015, vol.

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Vedi. The watercolor series Францискъ Скоринъ, 2017. Author: Eugene Ivanov

Ilya Lemeškin. The Prague Bible of 1488 and The Ruthenian Bible of Francysk Skaryna. Localization of the Printing House

This article focuses on the colophons of Francysk Skaryna’s Prague editions from 1517 to 1520. A comparative analysis of them

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