The Laboratory of Francysk Skaryna Studies: Solidarity With the Belarusian People. Commemorative plaque of Francysk Skaryna. The Clementinum, Prague

Commemorative plaque of Francysk Skaryna in the National Library of the Czech Republic. (Author: Ales Dranets, 1996). The Clementinum, Prague. 18/08/2020. Photo by I. Lemeshkin

Flowers as a sign of the solidarity with the Belarusian people striving to stop the state violence and to have the fair presidential election. August 18, 2020.

Olga Shutova

Olga Shutova (also Volga Shutava), Ph.D. (1997) is a Belarusian historian, historiographer, writer. In 1995-2007 – Associate Professor at the Belarusian State University. Author of more than 50 articles and 4 monographs in Intellectual History, Historiography, History of Belarus and Francysk Skaryna Studies.