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Epistle to the Ephesians of Paul the Apostle. Synopsis [skazanije] of Dr Francysk Skorina, with the good Lord’s help, begins. In: Apostle [Acts and Epistles of the Apostles]. Vilna, 1525, f. 100v:



“At the end, he warns all those who fight with evil spirits, speaking of spiritual weapons; and so, with God’s help, we can defeat their schemings.”

Olga Shutova

Olga Shutova (also Volga Shutava), Ph.D. (1997) is a Belarusian historian, historiographer, writer. In 1995-2007 – Associate Professor at the Belarusian State University. Author of more than 50 articles and 4 monographs in Intellectual History, Historiography, History of Belarus and Francysk Skaryna Studies.