New “jubilee” edition representing Skaryna’s books in Belarusian, Russian and English

World heritage of Francysk Skaryna.

World heritage of Francysk Skaryna. Minsk: Belarusian Encyclopedia, 2017. Ed. L. Ananich, U. Andryevich, R. Matulski, B. Sviatlou, I. Karpenka, А. Kavalenia, А. Lakotka, І. Saverchanka, V. Danilovich, G. Galenchanka, M. Nikalaeu, L. Jazykovich, A. Susha. 422 p. ISBN 978-985-11-0973-5. With financial support of the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus.

Grand Prix of the XIV international competition “The Art of the Book” of the CIS member states (Moscow). Grand Prix of the II International Eurasian Book Fair 2017 (Astana).

The publication is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the Belarusian book printing which began in 1517 by the release of the first book of the Belarusian intellectual and publisher Francysk Skaryna. Richly illustrated book, prepared by Belarusian specialists in the field of book science and Skaryna Studies describes all books published by the first Belarusian printer, held today in the library and museum collections of numerous countries –Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, USA, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Czech Republic.