The Golgotha Cross, 16th c.

Olga Shutova. «… So that my brothers Rus’ while reading, may understand better»: «in-deapth reading» and Francysk Skaryna’s symbolism

Published: Францыск Скарына: новыя даследаванні / Цэнтр. навук. б-ка імя Якуба Коласа Нац. акад. навук Беларусі; уклад. Аляксандр Груша; рэдкал.:

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1517b version: the fly with 5 legs. Библиотека Академии Наук, НИОРК, 994 СП

Ilya Lemeshkin. The (un)expected guest on F. Skórin’s portraits

Published in: Berkovskie chteniya. Berkov Readings: Book culture in the context of international contacts. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference.

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Францыск Скарына: новыя даследаванні. Уклад., рэд. Аляксандр Груша. Мінск: Беларуская навука, 2019. 215 с. [Francysk Skaryna: New Studies. Edited by Alexander Grusha. Minsk: Belaruskaia navuka, 2019. 215 pp.] ISBN 978-985-08-2415-8

Book «Francysk Skaryna: New Studies»

The second volume of the collection of articles on Francysk Skaryna has just been published by the publisher “Belaruskaia navuka”

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