Theatrum libri: Book Printing, Reading and Dissemination in Early Modern Europe, Vilnius: Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, 2022

New publication on book printing, reading and dissemination in Early modern Europe

The Laboratory of Francysk Skaryna Studies is pleased to present a new publication “Theatrum libri: Book Printing, Reading and Dissemination

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The Library of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences (Academy of Sciences of the BSSR) in 1929-1941. New stage of growth and first losses

The Belarusian Academy of Sciences building which housed the Library in the 1930s-1940s. Source: Central Scientific Library of Yakub Kolas

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Padua. Frontispiece inside the front cover. Bernardini Scardeoni, canonici Patavini, De antiquitate vrbis Patavii, & claris ciuibus Patauinis, libri tres, in quindecim classes distincti. Eivsdem appendix De sepvlchris insignibvs exterorvm Patavii iacentivm. Basileae: Nicolaum Episcopium Iuniorem, 1560. Libri III.

Olga Shutova. Again about Skaryna in Padua: New possibilities of reading the old documents. Time, context, circumstances and attendees

Published in English and Belarusian in Belarusian Review – Winter 2014, vol. 26, No. 4. P. 17-23; Spring 2015, vol.

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